WP update notifier

The update notifier is a simple wordpress plugin to display notifications to your user when you update something or when you wish to make an announcement. The plugin is simple yet effective and extremely usefull.

This plugin:

  • Is easy to install & configure
  • Has 8 Different colors available
  • Allows easy archiving
  • Is cross browser compatible

How to display the update box

To display the update box all that is required is the following code:

if( function_exists('showLastNotification') ){ showLastNotification(); }

How to display the updates archive

3 different ways will be provided to display the updates archive

  1. Activating the included widget.
  2. Copy the following function anywhere in your theme
    if( function_exists('showLastNotifications') ){ showLastNotifications(12); }
  3. Create a new page and add the following barcode as content:


Go to the download page

One Response to “WP update notifier”

  1. Handy!!

  2. Frederik on August 16th, 2011 at 10:49 am